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In order to achieve its goals the Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Education will: 

  • perform accreditation of economic and management science courses offered by Polish higher education institutions, 
  • develop quality standards for economic and management science courses, review and improve them on a regular basis to keep them abreast of the latest developments in economic and management sciences in the world and in tune with the world's top models of didactic work at institutions of higher education, 
  • ensure comparability of its standards with those of respected Polish, foreign and international organizations engaged in accreditation and evaluation of education quality, 
  • cooperate with the aforementioned organizations in developing accreditation procedures and standards and in carrying out accreditation, 
  • work to advertise the idea of high quality of education among higher education institutions and other communities by organizing conferences, training sessions and seminars, publishing results of accreditation proceedings and producing other publications dealing with quality assurance and improvement in the higher education system, 
  • cooperate with higher education institutions in developing their internal systems of education quality assurance and self-assessment schemes, 
  • cooperate with individuals and institutions working to improve quality of education in Poland and abroad,
  • evaluate the quality of educational institutions at their request.

Fundacja Promocji i Akredytacji Kierunków Ekonomicznych
Al. Niepodległości 162, 02 - 554 Warszawa, Gmach Główny SGH, Lokal 150
tel./fax (022) 646 61 42, e-mail: