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e-mentor magazine joined The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. CEJSH publishes English abstracts of articles and reviews, which appeared mostly in national languages in the Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak and other scientific Journals of the region devoted to social sciences and humanities.

[Published: 26.10.2010]

We encourage you to read latest issue of E-mentor magazine.

In the current issue, we recommend particularly the paper ICT in Education: The Potential of Podcasting by Munindra Khaund.

[Published: 13.10.2010]

The Foundation organizes the fifth edition of certified e-learning course for teachers and students on Capital market and Warsaw Stock Exchange. The program is realized with the cooperation of the Foundation for Capital Market Education and under the patronage of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the National Depository for Securities).

[Published: 12.10.2010]

We invite you to take part in 7th conference The development of e-learning in higher education of economics, 18 November 2010, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland.

» more[Published: 11.10.2010]

Registration for the sixth edition of  Entrepreneurship Olympics has begun. The leitmotiv is Market Investor – Stock Exchange, Privatizations, Mergers and Acquisitions. Last year, the record-breaking number of 1100 schools have registered for the competition.

[Published: 27.9.2010]

On 27-30 September 2010 we have inaugurated new editions of the Children's Economic University in Warsaw, Katowice, Belchatow and Bialystok as long as the Academy of Young Economist in Warsaw and Katowice.

Both programmes are becoming more and more popular - the number of candidates exceeded the limit of places again.

[Published: 26.9.2010]

The SGH’s Secondary School run by our Foundation inaugurated the new academic year in the new premises on Świeradowska street.

» more about the School[Published: 1.9.2010]

The registration for the Children's Economic University in Warsaw (6th edition), Katowice, Bialystok and Belchatow (3rd editions) and the Academy of Young Economist in Warsaw (5th edition) will be carried out between 6 an 19 September 2010.

First lectures are planned for the end of September.

[Published: 23.8.2010]

The Foudation published a new book Knowledge, skills, attitudes which is a description of the 5th edition of The Entrepreneurship Olympics. The publication, printed in 6000 issues, will be distributed for free to schools all over Poland.

[Published: 22.7.2010]

The ceremony of awarding prizes for the winners of 5th edition of the Entrepreneurship Olympics took place on the 16th June 2010 in Warsaw School of Economics. 

» more[Published: 21.6.2010]

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