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On the 25th of November 2008 the ceremony of giving the Prime Minister's scholarship to Marcin Kukawski, the Best Student of SGH's Secondary School took place. We congratulate the winner and wish him all the best!

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The forth edition of  Entrepreneurship Olympics has just begun. The record-breaking number of 1020 schools have registered for the competition.

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The second edition of the competition for the best doctoral thesis New trends in economics and management has come to an end. We congratulate the winners and thank all young doctors for participating in the contest.

[Published: 28.10.2008]

The second edition of Children’s Economic University has been initiated. Over 150 pupils will participate in 6 meetings - lectures as well as workshops promoting economic knowledge and entrepreneurship.

[Published: 1.10.2008]

The Academy of Young Economist is a new initiative launched by our Foundation in cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics. Pupils aged 13-16 will participate in lectures and seminars dedicated to economics and management.

[Published: 30.9.2008]

The Foudation published a new book Knowledge, skills, attitudes which is a description of the 3rd edition of The Entrepreneurship Olympics. The publication, printed in 5000 issues, will be distributed for free to schools all over Poland.

[Published: 29.9.2008]

We encourage you to read latest issue of E-mentor magazine.

In the current issue, we recommend particularly the paper Analysis of Non-proctored Anti-cheating and Formative Assessment Strategies by Michael A. Kolitsky .

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The book based on the e-learning course Capital market and Warsaw Stock Exchange has been published. The course is organized by our Foundation in the cooperation with the Foundation for Capital Market Education and under the patronage of the Polish Financial Supervison Authority and the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

[Published: 7.8.2008]

The Foundation's films on YouTube

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We encourage you to read latest issue of E-mentor magazine.

In the current issue, we recommend particularly the paper Social network optimization: the case of BTicino by Rosario Sica and Federico Gobbo.

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