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The ceremony of awarding prizes for the winners of 6th edition of the Entrepreneurship Olympics took place on the 20th June 2011 in Warsaw School of Economics. 

[Published: 20.6.2011]

The new post-conference book Concepts and practice of e-learning has been published by the Foundation. The book contains proceedings of the 7th Conference "The development of e-learning in higher education of economics". Each article has an English abstract.

[Published: 2.6.2011]

On 2 June 2011 the exam for Certificate of YoungMBA was held in Warsaw School of Economics. Applicants were obliged to take a test and solve case studies. Results will be announced in the middle of July 2011.

[Published: 18.5.2011]

The new editions of the Innovatorium - the Week of Entrepreneurship were carried out in Koło and Dąbrowa Tarnowska between 16 and 27 May 2011.

Innovatorium is an educational project for young people from small towns (up to 30 thousand inhabitants). 

[Published: 19.4.2011]

On 9th and 30th of May 2011 entry examination for the SGH's Secondary School were organized. The School aims at developing knowledge in economics and social science of young people. The curriculum is build on the basis of main SGH's values which are as follows: developing the ability to work reliably, promoting entrepreneurship and responsibility toward society.

[Published: 15.4.2011]

We encourage you to read latest issue of E-mentor magazine.

In the current issue, we recommend particularly the paper The Users’ Manual to the Unconscious Mind.

[Published: 5.4.2011]

The final stage of the sixth edition of Entrepreneurship Olympics were organized in Warsaw School of Economics on 7 April 2011. 50 best pupils from over 20 000 registered participants have been competing for free entry to five best Polish Universities of Economics. Good luck!

[Published: 31.3.2011]

The tenth edition of the Innovatorium - the Week of Entrepreneurship was carried out in Konskie between 21 and 25 March 2011.

Innovatorium is an educational project for young people from small towns (up to 30 thousand inhabitants). 

[Published: 17.3.2011]

The conference "Knowledge management in economic higher education" will be organized by our Foundation in Spring 2012 in University of Economics in Poznan.

Have a look at proceedings (in Polish).

[Published: 16.3.2011]

The SGH’s Secondary School organizes Info Days for young pupils who would like to enroll to the School. On 14 March and 18 April 2011 they will have an opportunity to visit premises and meet teachers. 

[Published: 11.3.2011]

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