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Registration for the fifth edition of  Entrepreneurship Olympics has begun on the 1st October 2009. The leitmotiv is Marketing in enterprise - mechanisms, instruments and strategies. Last year, the record-breaking number of 1020 schools have registered for the competition.

[Published: 28.8.2009]

The Children's Economic University in four cities!
After three sucessfull editions in Warsaw, since September 2009 EUD is expanding into three new centers: Bialystok, Belchatow and Katowice. 100 places in each cetre are waiting for new young students.
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[Published: 13.8.2009]

The Foudation published a new book Knowledge, skills, attitudes which is a description of the 4th edition of The Entrepreneurship Olympics. The publication, printed in 6000 issues, will be distributed for free to schools all over Poland.

[Published: 22.7.2009]

The new post-conference book E-education - an analysis of achievements and prospects for development has been published by the Foundation. The book contains proceedings of the 5th Conference "The development of e-learning in higher education of economics". Each article has an English abstract.

» more[Published: 26.6.2009]

We encourage you to read latest issue of E-mentor magazine.

In the current issue, we recommend particularly the paper Virtual Seminars: Creating New Opportunities for Universities  by Bieke Schreurs, Sally Reynolds and Kamakshi Rajagopal.

[Published: 10.6.2009]

The Foundation organizes the fourth edition of certified e-learning course for teachers and students on Capital market and Warsaw Stock Exchange. The program is realized with the cooperation of the Foundation for Capital Market Education and under the patronage of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The course begins on the 11th May 2009.

» more[Published: 9.6.2009]

The ceremony of awarding prizes for the winners of Entrepreneurship Olympics took place on the 4th June 2009 in Warsaw School of Economics. During the ceremony, a discussion panel wih special guests PhD Jacek Bartkiewicz, prof. Witold Orłowski, PhD Wiesław Rozłucki and Andrzej Sadowski was organized.

» more[Published: 18.5.2009]

On the 14 May 2009 the ceremony of granting certificates of accreditation took place in Warsaw School of Economics. So far, the Foundation has granted 40 certificates of quality.

[Published: 7.5.2009]

The top Warsaw high schools were chosen by “Perspektywy” magazine in March 2009 according to results of MATURA 2008 exam. The SGH’s Secondary School run by our Foundation took 17th position out of almost 180 high schools.

[Published: 16.4.2009]

The final stage of the forth edition of Entrepreneurship Olympics was organized in Warsaw School of Economics on 2 April 2009. 50 best pupils from almost 20 000 registered participants were competing for free entry to five best Polish Universities of Economics. Congratulations!

[Published: 7.4.2009]

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