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We encourage you to read latest issue of E-mentor magazine.

In the current issue, we recommend particularly the paper MOOCs, Ethics and the Economics of Higher Education by Frank B. McCluskey and Melanie Winter.

[Published: 23.10.2013]

The new edition of SIGG e-learning course has just begun! The project is coorganized by the "2065 Lesław A. Paga Foundation". The course consists of ten e-learning modules on investment and capital market.

» more[Published: 15.10.2013]

Our Foundation initiated a new project „Developing talents of gifted high-school students”, which aims at creating a place for collaborative learning, sharing ideas and making friends. The project is cofinanced by the Ministry of National Education. The project will be carried out until December 2013.

[Published: 1.8.2013]

The new issue of the Ekonopedia - The Magazine of Young Manager has been released recently. The publication is addressed to students of the Children's Economic University and other children interested in economics. It is available online for free:

[Published: 24.7.2013]

On 4th June 2013 the exam for Certificate of YoungMBA was held at the Warsaw School of Economics. Applicants were obliged to take a test and solve case studies. 28 people out of 87 candidates passed the exam. Congratulations!

[Published: 14.7.2013]

On the 16th May 2013 a special workshop "The Modern Teacher" was organized at the Warsaw School of Economics. The main objective of the meeting was to present new possibilities of using free IT applications in education.

[Published: 1.7.2013]

The new jubilee, 50th issue of E-mentor magazine is available!

In the current issue, we recommend particularly the paper The Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, Implications for Structuring Groups in Online Classes by David O'Gorman.

[Published: 1.6.2013]

Our Foundation organised a new conference "Lifelong learning - a new challenge for universities? which took place on the 22nd May 2013 at the Warsaw School of Economics. Have a look at the photo gallery.

» more[Published: 29.5.2013]

On the 22nd April 2013 our Foudation has initiated a new project "Adaptation of talent management tools for developing talented pupils in secondary schools". During the first meeting participants (teachers from secondary schools) listened to two lectures and took part in the discussion. They shared their ideas and experience on working with talented pupils.

[Published: 29.4.2013]

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